Ars Indago, Indago Nigh

[update: name switch to Indago Nigh: the World of Telrhin after letting it digest and some feedback, and still playing with rule names like Alpha Nigh...]

A long delay in work on Telrhin thanks to a Vespa accident. But the end is nigh: work on Mark IV is drawing to a close, enough to look for some good 'branding' for both the world and rules. Enter 'Ars Indago: the Art of the Crawl' (the "product" title) with the Indago Rules (as much as I loved calling them Fat Dragon...).

Next convention (tentatively): CharCon in Charleston WV, October 18-20.

Site update: desperately need to update the design, make it responsive (read: mobile friendly), bump up Drupal to 7 (or 8 at this rate).

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