Again with the name changes! We're trying "Midsummer: the World of Telrhin". And this is the new intro on the home page that helps shape it:

Indago: Midsummer of a World

Chaos in the melding of the Twelve Lost Dreams gave way to the Great Dream, a gathered world of mythic and impossible things. It cracked and boiled out into new parts: the Second World of lost secrets, the Spirit World of ideas too large, and what remained was Terra.

Over the long centuries this remnant world was slowly tamed under the boots of the Menden and the Kaladri and the Boradun, empires of knowledge and steel, spreading across the known world. And now the midsummer, the look beyond, the fears of change, the lost hopes of the past. But most of all, the foundations of it all cracking under the lies of a painted history.

Will the world boil over again, thrown into more pieces, or will it solidify into the truths of the future, empires falling and dark ages replaced by new eras of golden summer?

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