Nitro Billy Con is Nigh!

[ 4/5 update: a partial list of the games (and these are just the ones Scott S. is bringing): Shogun, Wallenstein*, Settlers, Elasund, Settlers of the Stoneage, Entdecker, Starfarers of Catan, Settlers History, the Conquest of Rome, Cities and Knights of Catan, Dominion, Dominion Intrigue, all Dominion expansions, Clue-the Great Museum Caper, DC Heroes Deck Building Game, Pandemic, Shadows Over Camelot, Yspahan, Oregon, Notre Dame, Hacienda, Hawaii, Epic Spell Wars, Toledo, Ticket to Ride, Dynasties, Tsuro, Galloping Pigs, Kingdom Builder, Risk-God Storm, Nexus Ops, Steam, Louis XIV, Giza, Amazonas

* incidently I just saw the National Shakespeare Company's Wallenstein. It was aweful ]

Nitro Billy Con apparently has t-shirts
There are shirts!

It's Nitro Billy Con

In late April at an undisclosed convention space in the midwest a bunch of gamers are meeting up to, well, game.

It's a private event with sleep deprivation, a likely disregard for hygiene, and hopefully some decent coffee.

Mostly board games, but there may be ccgs (do they still call them that? And does Dominion count?), rpgs, I will find out soon enough. I may try to foist a Fat Dragon playtest. 

Somehow this thing got named Nitro Billy. May we all live to see Nitro Billy 2.

I'll post updates from @telrhin

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What, no comments? It's called Nitro Friggin' Billy! There's a sh*tload of games! There are t-shirts! In what universe does this not solicit some choice comments?