Origins starts today (well, last night really) and we all get to game and geek out.  Playing an indie narrative game tonight by Bully Pulpit Games called Fiasco. 

But that is all an aside.  The development on Telrhin moves forward.  Encyclopaedia is two-thirds complete.  The Lowlands Field Guide is 80%.  Sifting through the long years worth of notes, ideas and differing directions has been daunting.  It would have been easier to start fresh, but I wanted to reshape the world and keep its wealth of detail and story.  

The Tale of Two Queens is a theme, but also a binding story to guide the development of the larger world reality.  Something most campaigns would only touch on and ignore completely.  But a far-reaching campaign, one interested in shaping the world and its course, would enage this larger World Story at some point.  

So back to work. 

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