A Central Story

This is a write-up of the story at the center of the world, the flavor and theme inside the structure. The Tale of the Ember Queens:

The Two Queens, first among the Old Ones (the Ethrings) and last vessels of the creation song. They are the soft silk of an ancient truth, a long thread of purpose in the tapestry of the world, shaped by the unfolding of years, the choices of man and the dreams of the Embrings as they slide into forgetfulness.

In their unfinished tale lie the secrets of the world.

There is one place, on the edges of the Embers, where the elements of the story gather. This is the Court of the Tethered Duchess, a mystical event in the forests of the Lowlands, a rare court of the faie, where the World (the Monde Vrai) and Embers meet. The few who see it may not know it, but in this moment the gathered threads of the story come together -- if briefly -- in this one glimpse of the grand tale. The Tale of Two Queens.

This is a story of broken promises, jilted love, and a desperate hope.  And it's the central core of the re-imagined world. The beauty of a long campaign is the unraveling of the world's mysteries, all of which hinge on this story. A story about the dark secret of the Kaladri, vestiges of a lost dream, a struggle to shape reality itself, and the consequence of two broken hearts.

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