A Little Color: the Hackled Pint

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This is a snippet from the city of Karm Tor as I was tidying up my notes. Karm Tor is part of the Damoran Empire, on the coast of the Gulf of Renlon and the provincial capital of Miriand. And as long as we're talking about dive bars in Telrhin, you should check out the Pox Crain.

The Hackled Pint: a dive bar off the narrow Square of March Brohan. The placard is the only freshly painted sign on the street, featuring a pewter beer stein covered in hackles. 

The proprietor is Maisy Ron, a surly, heavy one-eyed ex-henchwoman for the local adventuring party the Dungeoneers. She survived four tours with them and came out minus one eye and plus enough cash to start a bar. 

Called The Hackle by regulars, it's home to some neighborhood locals, a few third-tier adventurers and the occasional secret encounter. Maisy Ron has plenty of hard liquor but for beer she only serves two things: Mother's Black, a strong and heavy stout, or "Piss Ale" for anyone who doesn't like the stout.

The walls feature a dart board, a faded recruitment poster for the Dungeoneers, and a few mementos from her time with them: three torch stumps, a bent longsword, an empty tinderbox, a coil of rope, an orc skull, and the spiked shield that took out her eye.

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