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Content about the world setting: Telrhin, Numarha, the Lowlands and all of that.

Serpent Earth

Serpent Earth coiled herself to sleep after the Long Night in which all things came to be. The black sun Syr grew ever larger until it threatened to overcome the gold sun Hael. In time they struggled, as Serpent Earth slept on.


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Lost Gods

If there were such a thing as archaeologists they'd find remnants of forgotten gods as well as different interpretations of the current ones. There's Bachnel, the brother of Gahl who was god of night and dreams, and the Goat God of the Grasslands called Puknet. There are ancient Rayikian texts with references to Borgia goddess of seizures and possession. There are whole religions that are lost, like the Sanctum of the Four Winds.

image: Brom's Lost Gods

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The World: A Bedtime Story

A short stab at the world origin myth from the Lowlanders world view, which is one of many Westron variants of the Serpent Earth mythology.

Odom Tan is the 'great uncle', a folk figure who travels between the farms and towns, whose real identity as Tandim Ulgrasar is forgotten -- and unimportant -- to the rural Lowlanders.


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The Three Worlds

diagram of the three worlds

Diagram of the Three Worlds: Prime (known world), the Embers, and the Listar (Spirit World). The Traum is its own reality, a greater embryo for the inception of the original Chimerums before the Diegesic Struggle and the Antedivisian world.

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Dwarves and Elves: De-Elfing the Fantasy World

As we rebuilt Telrhin a few years back, the impulse was a full embrace of nostalgia. The whole panache of beloved geek fantasy from our gaming years. But there comes a time to de-elf the world.  We may have re-invented everything top to bottom in Telrhin Mark IV, but the old names were still there, ripe with stereotypes and the stolen ideas of others before us. The backstory to the "older" races was re-imagined, history re-thought, origin myths re-invented. But as soon as someone hears the world elf, that's all out the window.

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Tavern Tales

Tavern Tales is an appendice to the Field Guide that sums up popular stories and legends, the kind of things you'd hear and know about if you spent time in the Lowlands. Faierie tales, parables, myths and the tale of an adventurer or two. This is the latest addition:

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A Bird's Eye View of the City of Pearl

(from the Field Guide to the Lowlands)


From overhead the City sits perched on an outcrop of rock, thrust into the Valek and shorn from the Lowlands by the wetlands between them. The broken bridge says it all, and from above looks like a finger pointed toward land. The city is a sea of whitewashed stone, dotted with colorful doors and shutters and the tiles and slates of the rooftops.

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