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The Site Blog: thoughts and stray comments on developing an FRPG world as well as the odd story from the campaigns.

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Rahman Campaign Continues Afoot

Somehow after five years the Rahman Brothers are still alive and the campaign is still going. It's been a grognard romp for the most part, full of murder and mayhem and -- as the brothers often explain -- "terrible misunderstandings."

Currently in the Borderlands of Wallendahr, faced with a freezing snow-drenched wilderness. Great old school stuff ahead: dragon, wizard(s), druids and a lich. I just hope they don't read the blog.

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Again with the name changes! We're trying "Midsummer: the World of Telrhin". And this is the new intro on the home page that helps shape it:

Indago: Midsummer of a World

Chaos in the melding of the Twelve Lost Dreams gave way to the Great Dream, a gathered world of mythic and impossible things. It cracked and boiled out into new parts: the Second World of lost secrets, the Spirit World of ideas too large, and what remained was Terra.

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Ars Indago, Indago Nigh

[update: name switch to Indago Nigh: the World of Telrhin after letting it digest and some feedback, and still playing with rule names like Alpha Nigh...]

A long delay in work on Telrhin thanks to a Vespa accident. But the end is nigh: work on Mark IV is drawing to a close, enough to look for some good 'branding' for both the world and rules. Enter 'Ars Indago: the Art of the Crawl' (the "product" title) with the Indago Rules (as much as I loved calling them Fat Dragon...).

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