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The Site Blog: thoughts and stray comments on developing an FRPG world as well as the odd story from the campaigns.

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Dwarves and Elves: De-Elfing the Fantasy World

As we rebuilt Telrhin a few years back, the impulse was a full embrace of nostalgia. The whole panache of beloved geek fantasy from our gaming years. But there comes a time to de-elf the world.  We may have re-invented everything top to bottom in Telrhin Mark IV, but the old names were still there, ripe with stereotypes and the stolen ideas of others before us. The backstory to the "older" races was re-imagined, history re-thought, origin myths re-invented. But as soon as someone hears the world elf, that's all out the window.

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The Adventure Log Lives!

Back in the day we put out a newzine for the campaigns called the Adventure Log. There were over 40 issues by the end. To honor our current campaign's second year we put out a Rahman Brothers Special Edition. The campaign centers around brothers from the Rahman clan. When someone dies, we roll up a new brother! It's almost like Clone Club.

cover: Adventure Log Special Edition

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Tavern Tales

Tavern Tales is an appendice to the Field Guide that sums up popular stories and legends, the kind of things you'd hear and know about if you spent time in the Lowlands. Faierie tales, parables, myths and the tale of an adventurer or two. This is the latest addition:

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Encyclopaedia Telrhinica

Victory at last! The tedious job of manually entering all of the old entries from the WordPerfect file to the new database is complete. Yes, I said WordPerfect. Started that file in the 80s. The encyclopedia has about 750 entries right now. Each of the old entries needed to be integrated into the new world 'vision' (read: totally rewritten/re-imagined) and all of the fields carefully selected for political, social and geographical assocations, various checkboxes checked...   glad that's over. Now I can search it, sort it and mine it to my heart's content. Excelsior!

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A Bird's Eye View of the City of Pearl

(from the Field Guide to the Lowlands)


From overhead the City sits perched on an outcrop of rock, thrust into the Valek and shorn from the Lowlands by the wetlands between them. The broken bridge says it all, and from above looks like a finger pointed toward land. The city is a sea of whitewashed stone, dotted with colorful doors and shutters and the tiles and slates of the rooftops.

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