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The Site Blog: thoughts and stray comments on developing an FRPG world as well as the odd story from the campaigns.

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Rahman Campaign Continues Afoot

Somehow after five years the Rahman Brothers are still alive and the campaign is still going. It's been a grognard romp for the most part, full of murder and mayhem and -- as the brothers often explain -- "terrible misunderstandings."

Currently in the Borderlands of Wallendahr, faced with a freezing snow-drenched wilderness. Great old school stuff ahead: dragon, wizard(s), druids and a lich. I just hope they don't read the blog.

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Again with the name changes! We're trying "Midsummer: the World of Telrhin". And this is the new intro on the home page that helps shape it:

Indago: Midsummer of a World

Chaos in the melding of the Twelve Lost Dreams gave way to the Great Dream, a gathered world of mythic and impossible things. It cracked and boiled out into new parts: the Second World of lost secrets, the Spirit World of ideas too large, and what remained was Terra.

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Ars Indago, Indago Nigh

[update: name switch to Indago Nigh: the World of Telrhin after letting it digest and some feedback, and still playing with rule names like Alpha Nigh...]

A long delay in work on Telrhin thanks to a Vespa accident. But the end is nigh: work on Mark IV is drawing to a close, enough to look for some good 'branding' for both the world and rules. Enter 'Ars Indago: the Art of the Crawl' (the "product" title) with the Indago Rules (as much as I loved calling them Fat Dragon...).

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Dwarves and Elves: De-Elfing the Fantasy World

As we rebuilt Telrhin a few years back, the impulse was a full embrace of nostalgia. The whole panache of beloved geek fantasy from our gaming years. But there comes a time to de-elf the world.  We may have re-invented everything top to bottom in Telrhin Mark IV, but the old names were still there, ripe with stereotypes and the stolen ideas of others before us. The backstory to the "older" races was re-imagined, history re-thought, origin myths re-invented. But as soon as someone hears the world elf, that's all out the window.

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The Adventure Log Lives!

Back in the day we put out a newzine for the campaigns called the Adventure Log. There were over 40 issues by the end. To honor our current campaign's second year we put out a Rahman Brothers Special Edition. The campaign centers around brothers from the Rahman clan. When someone dies, we roll up a new brother! It's almost like Clone Club.

cover: Adventure Log Special Edition

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